UkuleleStringTensions.pdf Explanation

The main tension pdf is at

The Tension that is bold is the uke size recommended by the manufacturer for that string set.

There are two approaches in this table for string tension:

The first approach is the tension listed by the manufacturer is highlighted in yellow.  This allows the other size ukuleles to be calculated by the following (Currently this is true only for Aquila and D'Addario):

The second approach is to use the string size, when only that is given, with the formula:

The ”% Tension of Column Max” picks out the highest tension number in the column and gives it 100% and then gives the rest of the column the % ratio to that 100%.  The colors go from the lowest tensions in dark green to the highest (100%) in bright red.

The problem with needing two approaches for string tension is that the “% Tension of column Max” may not be accurate for all strings.  The idea of this column was that you could look down a column for a string (the “G” string for example) and see visually how the tensions related for all manufacturers of that string.  However, at this time the only ones that would be completely accurate to compare would be the Aquila and D’Addario strings where the tensions are highlighted in yellow.  Also, tensions are probably incorrect for other tunings than C6, and wound or low-G strings.

The main tension pdf is at

For those who are interested in the Aquila and D’Addario actual tensions not interspersed with the tensions from another string's formula, that is at'AddarioTensions.pdf